Nessi Gomes

Nessi Gomes Koncert

It is a pleasure to confirm that the Portuguese/British singer–songwriter Nessi Gomes is coming back to Copenhagen for a concert in CHAI.

Nessi Gomes - arriving to Copenhagen - 25.09.16

18:00-19:00 voice bath - healing session (limited space)
19:00-20:00 hang-out
20:00-21.30 concert


- Voice Bath: 75 DKK. (for more info see below)
- Concert: 120 DKK.
- Special Price for attending both events: 160 DKK.

So a full night of Goodness (18.00-21.30) can be yours for only 160 DKK. ♥

Space is limited!
To reserve and secure your space and for full info:

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You can read more about Nessi Gomes in this article:
Trying to describe Nessi Gomes is like trying to describe a new flavour that nobody has tried before... Her songs merge the mystery of the medicinal and ceremonial world with a good urban contemporary touch.

Check out her music:

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Who is Nessi Gomes?

After spending three intense years in the forest of South and Central America, Nessi Gomes Returns to the west. The psychedelic nature of the continent has reshaped her songs. Her heartbreaking voice started reflecting a nakedly honest, multi-faceted portrait of her world, where darkness and light dance together, challenges are transcended and mysteries revealed.

Back in London, Nessi completed her first Album "Long Way Home" - released in October 2015. It is not only produced by Bridgeman (`1 Giant Leap`) but also accompanied by top musicians including Viktoria Mullova, Matthew Barley, Cosmo Sheldrake, Dave Randel, Nigel Butler, Rainer Scheurenbrand.
Her IndieGogo campaign receives massive support from the alternative circles around the world and has reached the sensational amount of $47,600.

What is a 'Voice Bath'?:

A ‘Voice Bath’ is a great opportunity to relax and unwind, especially for those that need a moment to recharge and nourish their emotional, physical and spiritual bodies. It is a perfect alternative for those who struggle with a simple meditation structure. Let the ‘Voice Bath’ support you into a more quiet space as it massages and bathes you.

This is a passive group sound healing session lasting for approximately 1hr, using toning, over-toning, chimes and percussion.

Nessi Gomes, will be taking participants on a deeply therapeutic sonic journey.
All that is required of you is that you rest on the floor or in a chair and the healing sound will do the rest.

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