CHAI Sunday Singing Circles

We at C.H.A.I. are happy to introduce to you, Sunday Singing Circles with Frej Martin and his 5 person band. Travelling the world for many years while composing his own heart songs as well as collecting songs and chants from various spiritual traditions, he will lead us through a heart- and voice opening journey. Song sheets with translations and chords will be provided to take home with you, to fully engage you in both the meanings and cultures of his musical adventures, as well as the possibility to practice the songs on your own​, if you should so desire​.

It is his intent, that we not only join together to express our feelings and celebrate through the music, but also are given a worthwhile learning experience.

Band members:

Frej Martin: Vocals, Guitar, Hang
Tom: Vocals, Keys, Percussion
Frans: Keys, Soundscapes, Percussion
Sarah: Percussion
Jens: Bass

Entrance is 100,- (50,- for those with financial difficulties). Payment at the door.

​For this event w​e hope to see many of ​ you with curious mind​s​ and willing hearts​.
Sign up here:

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