BOUNDARIES & SENSITIVITY Integral training program

Level 1: Self-empowerment BE THE MASTER OF YOUR OWN LIFE



Integral training program 

– Integrating energy, mind, sexuality and identity

Level 1: Self-empowerment 

Three weekend modules

authenticity, dignity and integrity.

This training will help you understand the many aspects of boundary management and empower you to deepen your authenticity, dignity and integrity.

Is this first, self-empowerment, level of the Integral training program for you?  Do you wonder about these aspects of your life? 

Healthy boundaries are necessary for feeling that your life is fully “in your own hands”. 

Healthy boundaries are necessary for healthy relationships, but what are healthy boundaries?

Why do some of us easily claim healthy boundaries and some of us struggle to do so?  

Has #metoo touched some aspect of your life?

And why do some of us, unintentionally, cross other people's boundaries, causing distress, discomfort and pain? 

With weak boundaries we are easily disempowered. With rigid boundaries, we are closed off and disconnected from closeness and joy. 

This training will help you explore and master some of these aspects of your own boundaries and those of others: 

• Identifying boundaries 

• Honouring boundaries

• Setting boundaries – exploring the best ways to do that

• The difference between crossing boundaries – and expanding them

• The inner dialogues between your mental boundaries, your emotional boundaries and your bodily boundaries

• Assessing whether a boundary is hard or soft

• Listening to boundaries and needs in intimacy

• Mastering communication of boundaries and needs

 • Developing clear sexual boundaries and expressing your desires freely and and without guilt and shame

This training will enhance your life skills in some of these areas: 

• The ability to move more easily from “living in your head to living in your body”

• Trust in your inner wisdom and power when making decisions

• No longer compromising your own needs, values, thoughts, opinions to be the way others want you to be

• Fine-tuninng your sensitivity to other people's boundaries

• Attunement to social interactions

• Knowing what you need and communicating it in suitable ways? 

• Practice in surrendering to pleasure

• Better skills in relating to authority figures

Practical information on Boundaries & Sensitivity Integral Training Program - LEVEL 1: Self-empowerment


9000 DKK per person

(payment 3000 DKK when signing up, the rest 6000 DKK before the first weekend. Let us know if you would like to pay in monthly installments)



Level 1 Self-empowerment consists of 3 weekends.

2-4 November 2018

25-27 January 2019

17-19 May 2019



Friday 19.00-22.00

Saturday 10.00-22.00

Sunday 10.00-16.00




Læssøesgade 14b, 1tv (backhouse)

2200 Copenhagen N



If you are interested in signing up for the Boundaries & Sensitivity training program please contact us by Phone +4526801046 (Martin) or +4526274467 (Diana) or send us an email at


Be the master of your life!!!

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